2020 - 2021 Registration Process


The following MUST BE completed before you can be considered a “member in good standing” and receive soccer game assignments.


  • Step 1: register with FHSAA:

    • if you are a returning official go to Arbiter Officials Central Hub and sign in;

    • if you are a new official click on the "register now" blue box;

    • click on "Registration" at the top menu;

    • select "2020 - 2021 Soccer Registration;" 

    • click on "Register" at the bottom of the page;

    • enter or check that your information is correct and follow the registration process. Remember to select Soccer Referees of Palm Beach County as your primary association;

    • complete the process until you make your FHSAA annual payment;

    • new officials will be asked to create an Arbiter account.

  • Step 2: register with SPRBC

    • after completing Step 1 above, select "switch views" at the top right-hand corner of the page;

    • select "Soccer Referees of Palm Beach County Central Hub" view;

    • click on "Register;"

    • enter, check or correct the information, and follow the registration process;

    • complete all steps of the process until you make your USD$50 SRPBC annual payment;

    • to save time, please have your credit card and a digital copy of your valid JLA badge with a clear view of the expiration date. When asked to upload your photo please load the image of your JLA badge;

    • you are done!