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Do you want to become a High School Soccer Official in Palm Beach County?


REGISTRATION is now open.

  • Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) Registration.

Register online at the FHSAA Officials Central Hub.   

Sign in to Arbiter.   If you do not have an Arbiter account, create one.

Click on Registration in the top menu.

Follow the registration process: select soccer, and SRPBC as your primary association.

Pay the $45 2022-2023 FHSAA fee.  


  • SRPBC Registration.

Register online at

Sign in.

Go to 107505 SRPBC Central Hub.

Click on Register SRPBC 2022-2023.

Pay the $50 2022-2023 SRPBC fee.

If you need additional help or information please contact SRPBC here.


  • Jessica Lunsford Act.

The Palm Beach County School District background check process is changing. If you do not have a JLA Badge valid until the end of the 2022-2023 season, you will not be eligible for game assignments past the expiration date of your current badge.  

The cost for 5 years is $87.42.

This is the latest information on the background check process. 


Please contact Ms. Yetta Greene ( for more information, requirements, and help. 


  • Online Rules Examination.

You must take the mandatory soccer rules exam between 10/17 & 11/21.

  • Attend the Association meetings for information on FHSAA soccer rules, training, uniforms, fees, and assignments. 


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