Do you want to become a High School Soccer Official in Palm Beach County?


For information to register as a soccer official for the 2021-2022 academic year,

go to the Registration tab on the main menu of this website. 



  • FHSAA Registration.

Register online with the Florida High School Athletic Association. Select the sport(s) you want to officiate and SRPBC as your primary association.  You can also find an FHSAA registration guide in the Resources section of the website. 


  • SRPBC Registration.

Join and maintain membership in SRPBC.

If you need additional help or information, you can contact the association here.


  • Jessica Lunsford Act.

The Jessica Lunsford Act is the informal name given to a 2005 Florida law designed to punish sex offenders and reduce their ability to re-offend. This means that your local officials' association will need your fingerprint clearance before assigning you.

You may contact the Palm Beach school district office for information regarding locations to complete the fingerprint process. 

Officials are independent contractors and require a level 2 screening (background check). This is a check of a person's background via state and national databases to ascertain whether the individual has been convicted of a crime(s) and their nature. It requires you to file with the Palm Beach district school board a set of fingerprints taken by an authorized law enforcement agency or an employee of the school or school district trained to take fingerprints. 


For more information, visit The School District of Palm Beach County website for requirements and let Yetta Greene ( know so she can guide you through the process and how you can get the discounted price for fingerprinting.


  • Mandatory Online Rules Examination.

You must take the mandatory NHFS soccer rules exam between 10/11/21 and 11/15/21.