How can I become a soccer referee to officiate high school games in Florida?

         The 2020-2021 season is over.

         For information to register & certify for the 2021-2022, please contact Glenn Golba (glennusmc63@aol.com)

         or use the Contact page on the top menu of this website. 

What to do in case of lightning?

         Always use the 30/30 rule.


         Some schools have lightning detectors that go off when there is lightning.

         If the detector gives the ok signal 15 minutes later, you still have to wait for 30 minutes.


        Coaches might show you on a hand-held device that the storm is 30 miles away, and you can start the game.

        Tell the coach you have to wait the full 30 minutes.

        And if lightning is detected 25 minutes later, you have to wait another 30 minutes.


What do I do if I have not received payment for a game?

        If you are not paid within two weeks of the game, contact the bookkeeper of the school.

        If you are not paid within two weeks of talking with the school, contact Glenn Golba


What do I do if I want more game assignments?

        Contact the Assignor Dave Millner (ddmner@msn.com) to make sure your information in Arbiter is correct.

        Call Yetta Greene for same-day assignments

        If you are still not satisfied with the response, contact the Assignment Committee Chairman Bill Purtell 


.       If you still feel that you did not receive a satisfactory response, contact Glenn Golba


Which are the official referee shirts for middle school and high school games?

      For middle school - approved US Soccer shirts 

      For high school - officials should use only the approved FHSAA official aqua jersey for soccer games.

Where can I get the official aqua color jersey?

        The exclusive FHSAA provider of official's apparel is Smitty


Are drones allowed near a soccer game?

        No, they are not allowed. In accordance with policy 34.3 (page 96 of the FHSAA Handbook), the use of drones is

        prohibited on the premises of any FHSAA state series event.